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Indiana Immigration Bond Lawyer

If a family member or friend has been arrested and detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), he or she has the right to contact an immigration lawyer. The Law Office of Jonathan Bruce in Carmel, Indiana can intervene and seek to have the individual released from detention.

Generally, immigrants who are not classified as arriving aliens or terrorists are allowed to seek bond as long as they are not classified as aggravated felons under federal immigration guidelines.
Once we have determined that a detained immigrant should be eligible for bond, we can file a motion to schedule a bond hearing for the earliest possible date. At the bond hearing, the immigration judge will either set a bond or determine the immigrant is not eligible for bond. Bonds typically range from $1,500 to $20,000.

Carmel Indiana Bond Redetermination Attorney

An attorney from the Law Office of Jonathan Bruce can attend the bond hearing and present evidence on your behalf demonstrating your eligibility for bond. If the hearing is in another state, the Law Office of Jonathan Bruce can advocate for the immigrant before the court by telephone.

In determining whether an immigrant is eligible for bond, an immigration judge typically looks at the following factors:

  • Whether the immigrant poses a danger to the community
  • Whether the immigrant is a flight risk due to family ties to the United States
  • Whether the immigrant has a criminal history
  • Whether the immigrant has a history of stable employment
  • Whether the immigrant is able to pay the bond
  • Whether the immigrant has been involved in community organizations
  • The immigrant's immigration history
  • Whether the immigrant is eligible for relief from removal or deportation proceedings in immigration court

If a family member or friend has been detained in immigration custody awaiting a removal proceeding or for any other reason, contact an experienced Carmel, Indiana immigration bond attorney today at 859-905-9678 or email us to schedule a consultation.

I am devoted to helping immigrants avoid deportation, and I am capable of handling immigration bond hearings before immigration judges throughout the United States.


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