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Child Custody/Relocation

Carmel Family Law Attorney for Custody Disputes

If you are approaching a divorce and there are minor children involved, it will be necessary to include child custody provisions in the divorce decree. If you and the other parent are not married to each other and are separating, you nonetheless need a stand-alone child custody order to clarify parental rights and responsibilities.

Contact me, Indiana family law attorney Jonathan M. Bruce, to schedule a consultation regarding your child custody matter, whether you are crafting an agreement for the first time or seeking to modify the terms of the agreement.

In any legal matter involving children, the children's best interests must come first. At the same time, parents have legal rights to care for their children. I am prepared to advocate on your behalf to ensure that your parental rights and your child's best interests, and am ready to represent you in negotiations, in mediation or at trial if necessary.

A family law court may determine that a shared parenting arrangement is best for your child. In this case, your child will most likely spend time in both homes according to a set parenting plan.

Regardless of how you and your child's other parent resolve the child custody issue, an experienced family law attorney can help ensure that your parental rights and your child's best interests are protected in court orders, and offer advice on how to protect those interests and rights in practicality.

Perhaps you are the primary custodial parent and believe you need to move out of state to care to pursue a job opportunity. Or perhaps you wish to block an out of state relocation or "removal" of your child when your child's other parent is planning to move away to remarry or pursue personal interests. Talk to me, family lawyer Jonathan M. Bruce, to learn how to assert your interests when relocation out of state is under discussion.

Contact a Indiana Family Law Attorney for Child Custody Advice

Whether you are in need of a child custody order as part of a divorce or otherwise, Contact me my Carmel law office to schedule a consultation. Seek a custody agreement or relocation agreement in the best interests of your child with an experienced lawyer on your side.


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