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Police Brutality

Were You the Target of Police Misconduct or False Arrest in Indiana?

Where is the fine line between appropriately assertive law enforcement and inappropriate, unprofessional police conduct? If you were subjected to police brutality in the context of a routine arrest, you know all too well that the line was crossed in your case. Talk to an experienced, compassionate and knowledgeable civil rights attorney to discuss your case.

I am ready to advise and serve you after you have suffered unconscionable violence committed by law enforcement officials.

Perhaps you were taking part in a lawful political demonstration, and were subjected to clubbing by police sticks and release of mace that you then inhaled. Perhaps you were stopped on suspicion of DUI or a traffic violation, and although you did not resist arrest, you were thrown face down to the ground or otherwise injured and humiliated without apparent case.

I am here to help if you have suffered an injury as a result of police misconduct in Indiana. Discuss your experience with a caring, knowledgeable and aggressive civil rights attorney. Call or e-mail Jonathan M. Bruce to schedule a consultation.

I am an experienced, skilled and determined civil rights attorney. I am prepared to advocate on your behalf until you receive appropriate financial compensation and other remedies that may be appropriate, such as reinstatement at your job or issuance of a formal apology. In every case, I will reconstruct the events that led up to the police brutality. I will locate and interview any witnesses and gather all of the relevant facts.

Contact a Indiana Civil Rights Lawyer

If you were injured when police used excessive force and failed to observe boundaries of appropriate professional conduct, contact my law office to schedule a consultation. You need an experienced civil rights lawyer to work on your behalf by reviewing police reports, talking to eyewitnesses, reviewing evidence that you were abused and preparing to sue the state government if necessary to obtain relief for you.


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