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Internet Crimes

Indiana Internet Crime Attorney

The term "Internet crimes" encompasses a wide spectrum of illegal acts including soliciting minors for sex, identity theft, and perpetration of Internet scams involving fraud, extortion, or other illegal characteristics.

An experienced "Internet crimes" attorney is a valuable ally in the face of criminal charges related to cyberspace or online activities. If you have already been charged an "Internet crime" in Indiana or Ohio, Contact me for a prompt response. Schedule a consultation to consider strategies for a strong defense relevant to "Internet crime" charges:

  • Consultation with, and assistance of, computer forensic experts
  • Application of software used by police in investigations of alleged crime
  • Methods of defense through detailed investigation of the facts of your case, including the search and seizure techniques of law enforcement:
    • How to take a picture of a hard drive
    • How best to protect your constitutional rights in light of an criminal investigation

Through aggressive negotiations with prosecutors and implementation of defense strategies such as those named above, it is possible to get prosecution suspended. My approach to criminal defense includes investigating all possibilities and being willing to go the extra mile in pursuit of the best outcome for each of my clients.

My career as a criminal defense lawyer came about because of my desire to help people accused of serious offenses, such as "Internet crimes," when they face the criminal justice system. I have been a felony prosecutor, public defender, and criminal defense attorney in private practice of long standing.

My experience and knowledge in the area of criminal defense helps put people accused of "Internet crimes" on equal footing with prosecutors. My courtroom experience and ongoing legal education give me skills and knowledge that benefit my clients charged "Internet crimes."

If you have been charged with an "Internet crime," whether it involves sex offenses or theft, discuss your case with me and allow me to explain your constitutional rights. If you retain me as your defense attorney, we will discuss the most likely ways to obtain favorable outcome in your case. Contact me by phone or e-mail to schedule a consultation.


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