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Indiana DUI Defense Lawyer

Charges of DUI are frightening and may have damaging, punitive long-term consequences. An arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol should not be taken lightly. As a dedicated DUI attorney, I take calls for help seriously, at any hour of the day or night.

To schedule a consultation with an experienced Indiana DUI defense lawyer, Contact me.

Prompt attention from an experienced criminal defense attorney can mean the difference between freedom and severe restrictions on driving privileges - and even jail time. An experienced lawyer knows how to get and challenge police reports, negotiate bond reductions, arrange for alternatives to jail time, and negotiate reduction of penalties. There is no substitute for skilled legal representation after a DUI / DWI / OWI arrest.

I focus on protecting my clients' constitutional rights and securing the best possible outcome. There are good reasons to hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer for a DUI arrest. For example, getting a client enrolled in a treatment program early in the case can have a mitigating effect on sentencing if the client later pleas or is convicted. Also, because Indiana state legislators are making it more difficult for attorneys to defend clients, by attacking reliability of technology such as Intoxilyzer, the defense attorney should know how to tackle cases from many angles.

The preferred outcome in a DUI case naturally is case dismissed. A creative defense lawyer will examine every angle of an arrest in search of a strong defense when law enforcement officers did not follow proper procedures, or when a client's intoxication at the time of the traffic stop is truly in question.

Sometimes, a verdict of guilty is unavoidable. Staggered sentences, creative sentences, and alternatives to incarceration are examples of successful outcomes for some clients.

Schedule a consultation with an experienced Indiana DUI defense lawyer to discuss the particulars of your driver's license revocation case, and strategies for a favorable outcome. Contact me by phone or e-mail for a prompt response.


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