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Criminal And Immigration Issues

The crossover between immigration and criminal law is one of the most complex and technical areas of law today. Different rules apply to different categories of immigrants. The bottom line is a noncitizen who is convicted of certain crimes may face deportation, exclusion, loss of a visa or green card status, and denial of U.S. citizenship.

Few lawyers understand the complexities of how the two systems of laws interact. At the Law Office of Jonathan Bruce in Carmel, Indiana, I use my knowledge of both criminal and immigration law to help keep non-U.S. citizens out of jail and prevent them from being deported.

In criminal matters, I serve residents throughout Indiana.

Carmel Immigrant Criminal Defense Attorney

I am a former prosecuting attorney and public defender who has personal experience handling hundreds of criminal cases, including many that involved non-U.S. citizens.

In addition, I am a two-time Peace Corps volunteer who is fluent in five languages: Spanish, French, Russian and Bulgarian, as well as English. I have a master's degree in English from the University of California at Berkeley and a doctorate in philosophy from the University of Sofia, Bulgaria, where I served as a Peace Corps volunteer.

Having served overseas both in the U.S. Army and the Peace Corps, I am dedicated to service and education in a variety of professional and pro bono activities, including lecturing in foreign law schools. I also am committed to eliminating unjust immigration penalties for immigrants entangled in the criminal justice system.

If you are in need of criminal or immigration defense, or if you have questions about criminal and immigration issues, call 859-905-9678 or email me.


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