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Accused of Arson? Contact a Defense Attorney in Indiana

As an experienced criminal defense attorney, I understand the seriousness of criminal charges such as charges of arson. I am Jonathan M. Bruce, and I am ready to provide a vigorous defense if you have been falsely accused by an insurance company or a government entity of starting a fire deliberately.

There are a number of circumstances where a person may be charged with arson. For instance, if your car or house has been damaged in a fire, some may believe that the fire was set on purpose in order to file a fraudulent claim. Sometimes, a wildfire can be started negligently in the wilderness. Do not wait until you are formally charged with fraud and arson. I am more than willing to discuss your situation in a proactive manner before you are arrested - or after.

Contact me to schedule a consultation after you have been charged with arson, assault or any criminal offense in Indiana or Ohio. I have the dedication, legal skill and perseverance necessary to pursue and help you obtain the most favorable outcome when you are charged with arson. Note that I also handle state and federal criminal appeals involving arson and other criminal matters.

Have You Been Charged with Arson in Indiana or Ohio? Allow an Experienced Lawyer to Stand Up For Your Rights

Just because you have been accused, arrested or charged with arson does not mean that you are guilty. When facing these accusations, an arson defense lawyer is a valuable advocate. Schedule a no-obligation consultation. Contact me by phone or e-mail. I zealously represent people charged with state and federal offenses such as arson.


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