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Indiana Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you face criminal charges in Indiana, the consequences can be severe. Whether it is a first-time DUI or a more serious charge such as sexual assault or drug possession, the outcome of your case can impact you and your family for the rest of your lives.

The most important decision you make is the attorney you select to defend you. At the Law Office of Jonathan Bruce in Carmel, Indiana, I provide my clients a unique skill set and work experience that few, if any, criminal defense attorneys serving Indiana can match.

As a former felony prosecutor and public defender, Mr. Bruce understands what is takes to gain a conviction in criminal trials and, conversely, how to find holes in the prosecution's case that lead to favorable judgements or the dismissal of cases.

Carmel DUI Defense Attorney

My previous work as a felony prosecutor and public defender provided me with extensive experience handling a wide variety of criminal cases. I have firsthand knowledge of how the state investigates and prosecutes these cases. As a result, I am often able to identify weaknesses in the prosecution's cases and use that to benefit my clients.

I also have a good understanding of the prosecution's overall objective and the flexibility it has in terms of negotiating reduced charges or agreeing to alternative sentencing. I try to reach fair resolutions without going to trial whenever possible. However, if a client is not offered a fair agreement, or if it is in a client's best interest to go to trial, I have the courtroom experience and knowledge to advocate aggressively on his or her behalf.

My experience working on immigration matters, including fighting deportation efforts and voiding criminal convictions, gives me a decided advantage in any case in which immigration and criminal law intersect.

I provide effective criminal defense in municipal, state and federal courts in Boone County and throughout Indiana in a variety of criminal cases, including:

If you need a uniquely qualified, highly motivated Indiana criminal defense lawyer, call 859-905-9678 or email me to schedule a consultation.


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